Make your market share data actionable

Turn your retail audit data into the granular, actionable and timely insights, for your sales and marketing teams.

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Our AI/ML algorithms have been trained on a number of variables with the ability to predict the optimized assortment and out of stocks at the store level. Algorithms not only to descriptive but predictive analysis on the store level.


Market share data is normally an absolute number and not anything near actionable. We combine it with your secondary sales data to make it actionable down to the route and store level.

Timely Insight

It takes allot of time and resources to get the market share data and sales data combined finding out the possible effects of change in sales on market share. We have automated this process to find out exactly what you need ahead of time.

One platform to get real time insights into your market share data.

We combine the market share and your secondary sales data to identify the non-performing routes, stores, and SKUs.


Our Products

One platform to get real time insights into your market share data

We combine the market share and your secondary sales data to identify the non-performing routes, stores, and SKUs.


Revenue Growth Management Platform

Helping you make data based decisions for your sales and marketing activities.

Population Density

Get the population density around your retail universe

SEC Classification

Our platform offers Socio Economic class mapping for areas around the world.

Market Surveys

Our analytics platfrom RTM and RGM  provides a comprehensive ecosystem for conducting surveys.

Realtime Results

Our dashboard provides real-time updates for surveys and market research conducted on the platform.

Performance Tracking

Our dashboard allows real-time tracking of team performance and movement.

Dynamic Surveys

Our platform allows users to design surveys according to their specific requirements.


Route to Market Platform

Design your route to market by using cutting edge technologies.

Precision Selling

Sell your products where they're needed

White Space

Identify population clusters that are not served through your direct distribution

Routes Performance

Identify best and worst performing routes

OOS Identification

Instantly identify stores about to go out of stock or already out of stock

Daily Alerts

Store level alerts on non-performing KPIs daily

Optimized Assortment

Assortment: Right SKUs for the specific shop type and appropriate shopper profile for each store in the route

Consumer Panel Behavior

50 AWS Certified Software Engineers

Retail Audit Data
50 AWS Certified Software Engineers
Trade Promotions
50 AWS Certified Software Engineers
Marketing Spend

50 AWS Certified Software Engineers

Equip your sales team with the latest technology

Satellite Imagery Analysis

In house built proprietary algorithms give us the ability to map population, SEC and and population density.

Population Data

We have connected open data sources to our platform to correct the Satellite Imagery Analysis estimation data.

SEC Classification

We compare the map data with the rental values of the areas and make corrections to the SEC estimations.

Retail Census

Our technology and processes help us to conduct a retail census accurately.

Sales Data

Hook your secondary sales data to our platform to get the insights.

Marketing Campaigns Data

Add your marketing campaigns data to assess the performance of your campaigns in real-time.

Market Share Data

Plug in your retail audit data to the platform and get actionable insights.

AI/ML Algorithms

Millions of these data points are processed through our AI/ML algorithms to give you real-time insights.

Granular, Actionable, Timely Insights

Processing all this data results in practically possible insights.

Consumer Panel Behavior

Retail Audit Data

Trade Promotions

Marketing Spend

How it Works

If you are selling






SEC Areas




Routes each

There can be millions of combinations, affecting your
Market Share!

We pull out exactly the combinations which are affecting your market share.

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Our Projects

Success Stories

Tobacco Manufacturer in KSA

Improved market share by 713
basis points in 6 months.
Reduced stockouts by 52%
Increased coverage by 134%

Home Care Brand in Pakistan

500 basis points improvement in market
share in 10 months.
300% improvement in distribution
50% MoM improvement

Personal Care Brand in Nigeria

23% increase in distribution
9% increase in sales


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Market Research Industry Expert
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“What Uber has done to taxi services, they are aiming to do the same to traditional market research companies like Neilsen and Gallup.”
CEO of a Personal Care Category Leader Brand in Pakistan
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“Using predictive analytics, AISightQ will identify potential dengue and malaria hotspots using satellite imagery, weather forecast and water body accumulation,”
John Doe
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