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Design your Route to Market
strategy with cutting edge

Map your retail universe according to according to the socio
economic class and the population density.

Population Density

  • Get the population density around your retail universe
  • Plan your route to market in a better way based on the population density
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SEC Classification

  • Our platform offers Socio Economic class mapping for areas around the world.
  • These features can be integrated into your route-to-market platform for improved targeting and decision-making.

Soundex Analysis

  • Our RTM platform provides a comprehensive ecosystem for conducting surveys.
  • Users can leverage this feature to gather data from their current universe or to onboard new stores through the survey process.

Realtime Results

  • Our dashboard provides real-time updates for surveys and market research conducted on the platform.
  • This eliminates the need to wait until the end of the day or month to access survey results and enables users to make data-driven decisions quickly.

Performance Tracking

  • Our dashboard allows real-time tracking of team performance and movement.
  • This feature enables users to set up and monitor KPIs for their team, improving performance management and decision-making.
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Territories Mapping

  • Our platform allows users to design surveys according to their specific requirements.
  • The surveys can be customized with multiple types of questions to collect the necessary data, which can be conducted by the field team.
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Plan your route to market and research
with cutting edge technology

Get real time insights into conducting surveys and research into your retail universe. Design
customized forms for your field sales teams to get them executed in the market.

Market Research

Build surveys according to your specific requirements for your field team.

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Evaluate the performance of your field team and monitor them according to their efforts.

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A complete eco system where you can send the surveys to handheld device of your field team to get the surveys executed.

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Make your routes optimized and make it cost and time efficient for your field team

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Transparent retail data collection

17 %

Increase coverage

43 %

Improved efficiency


FMCG companies have to operate on a massive scale to get their products available to all the customers in the market. They need to plan an efficient cost effective way of reaching to the stores.
Our RTM platform is not only a route optimization system but it also allows you to get the surveys and merchandizing activities done by the field team.
You can track the performance of the field team in real time. Your management team can assign the stores for surveys to the field team or they can be tracked on the number of new stores added to the system.

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